• Moments Freddy Verano feat Sam Smith

Moments - Freddy Verano Featuring Sam Smith

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"....Freddy expertly translates this melancholy pop hit with the unmistakable voice of Sam Smith into the electronic genre, without sacrificing any of the feeling: Big Emotions in the verses meet up here with dynamic pianos and a catchy hook in the chorus.
Freddy calls his style "Sunshine House" because in "Moments" you can feel the heat as soon as the first beats hit your ears."
Chubby Beavers

"This one nearly slipped through the cracks for me after premiering several days ago, and that would have been a travesty! The pop king of the hour, Sam Smith, with his velveteen vocals, teamed up with rising German-Columbian producer Freddy Verano on upbeat and sun kissed single Moments. Sam's vocals sound somehow different on the vibrant tune, reminding me at times of The Weeknd & MJ! And then there are those piano chords and stabs that always lure me in without fail."
I Heart Moosiq

When It's Alright - Juun Featuring Sam Smith   Summer 2014 release 'When It's Alright' Juun ft. Sam Smith
   All Around The World (UK) | Capitol (France) | Four Music/Sony (Europe)
    YouTube V1 YouTube V2 Reviews

2015 'Featuring Sam Smith' Dance album released through Flipbook Record's Licensee Kosmo Records
2015 'Time Won't Wait' Mainstream Album - 10 great tracks from Sam's 2009 debut album Jukebox
Contact: Flipbook Records for licensing opportunities

The Sam Smith Story 2007-2010
In Sam's words, music and videos - a multi-layered viewing, listening and reading experience. Sam was signed to Flipbook Records 2007-2010 and it was at Flipbook Records that he started his journey to pop stardom. Here his song-writing and performance skills were developed and here he started his recording career. The central theme of 'Sam Smith Diva Boy' is discovery, charting and celebrating Sam's journey from a positive, passionate, determined teenager through his ... Firsts in... studio recording, live and video performance, songwriting, radio and press interviews, recording contract, album and singles with worldwide chart success ...all before he was 18.
"Sam Smith Diva Boy' - fabulous, rare, authentic and transparent" - published by Flipbook TV

2008 Flipbook Records
'Bad Day All Week' re-mixers:
Per QX and Kinky Roland.

2009 'FBR' Licensee 'Kosmo'
When It's Alright mixers Tom Novy, Kid Massive, Per QX, Kinky Roland
2013 Tomcraft ft. Sam Smith.

2014 Flipbook Records
Kosmo and their licensees release 'When It's Alright & 'Moments'.
2015 Watch this space.

2014 Capitol Records & Sam Smith
Album & Singles: In The Lonely Hour | I'm Not The Only One | Stay With Me | Money On My Mind | Restart

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